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Helping men escape
domestic abuse

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Directory of Services

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Supporting Male Victims of Domestic Abuse Day

Supporting Male Victims of Domestic Abuse Day 2023  #MenYouAreNotAlone

“Signposting male victims and survivors to

the support services where they live”

Thursday 2 November 2023

This year, we have set aside Thursday 2 November for Supporting Male Victims of Domestic Abuse Day (#MenYouAreNotAlone). Please do get involved.

We are asking every organisation providing support services for men experiencing domestic abuse to publicise the help they have available to the men in their local community.

In 2022, over 100 police forces, councils, charities, service providers and the Domestic Abuse Commissioner took part. You can also be listed as a partner and supporter.

Only one in 20 victims accessing specialist support from their local commissioned service (community-based/IDVA service) is male. Our aim is to encourage more men to come forward and for those around them to support them to do so.

If we make a bigger collective and coordinated effort for one day, it will help amplify the message #MenYouAreNotAlone.

The date is  always after the autumn half term school holiday and after the clocks “go back” – which can be a time where men realise they need to do something about the domestic abuse they are suffering from.

We have produced a campaign logo and strapline but it does not matter whether you use them or not. The key issue is to promote what support YOU OFFER. If you already promotional material, please just use this (but do use #MenYouAreNotAlone on social media)

If you wish to support the day, please do let us know via emailing and we can add your organisation to the supporters page.


One in every six to seven men will become a victim of domestic abuse at some point in their lifetime1.

This abuse can come in many different forms and includes :

(a) physical or sexual abuse;
(b) violent or threatening behaviour;
(c) controlling or coercive behaviour;
(d) economic abuse;
(e) psychological, emotional or other abuse;

Men trying to escape domestic abuse make up one in three victims of domestic abuse1  and make up are one in four victims of domestic-abuse related offences reported to the police (26%)2, yet only make up one in twenty victims accessing support from their local commissioned domestic service (“community/IDVA-based service”)3. We need to encourage more men to seek help from their local service including those specifically for men.

More than one person suffers when abuse is happening.- family members including children, friends, colleagues and neighbours and even the abusers themselves can all be  affected in a very negative and destructive way. We need your support to push the message that there is support available, there is a listening ear and there is hope for all men suffering any form of domestic abuse.

How you can help

If you belong to an organisation that provides a support service for male victims or able to signpost them  towards one that can, then we would like you to use your communications,expertise, contacts, social media channels and resources to reach out to male victims and make them aware of the support available.

Of course, this is not to replace any existing communication plans and activities that you have, this is aimed at supplementing them and using the day to publicise to men what services you have.

For example, if you had a campaign in the spring, why not re-promote everything on this day. We are not asking for wheels to be reinvented.

Although we hope to make Thursday 2 November the core day for this concerted campaign to take place, how you do it, how long you do it for and what you include is up to you. It can be repeated on International Men’s Day on 19 November.

The campaign logo, core text (good for press releases etc) and suggested social media are there to help, there is no need to use them but on social media please do use #MenYouAreNotAlone

It may also act as a prompt to organisations to review the information they have on their websites (and other communications) for male victims and survivors.

Campaign Graphics

Logo (JPEG)
Logo (PNG)

For Vector (EPS and AI) versions please email

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ManKind Initiative Images

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#MenYou Are Not Alone fundraising song


Partners and Supporters Page

If organisations wish to support the campaign, we can add you to our partners and supporters page please email (and include your logo if you wish that to be included)  and we will add you to our supporters page by clicking on this links: Partners and Supporters Page

Descriptions and Social Media

We have also created some standard paragraphs and social media that can be used and adapted – these can be found be clicking on this link. Descriptions and Social Media

Thank you for taking part

We would like to thank you in advance for helping to make this a day to remember – a day we collectively reach out and help to prevent and alleviate the suffering and torment experienced by male victims and their loved ones living with the consequences of domestic abuse .

Further information

For further information about this campaign (not covered above), please email Mark Brooks

The Intellectual Property and Copyright for this campaign including all graphical representation  is owned by the ManKind Initiative charity. It is freely available to all those organisations that wish to take part on that understanding.
1. ONS Domestic abuse: findings from the Crime Survey for England and Wales: year ending March 2022 ( – Table 1 and 2
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