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Helping men escape
domestic abuse

Directory of Services

Freephone 0808 800 1170

Directory of Services

Helpline 0808 800 1170

Descriptions and Social Media

Here is some  examples of text (for press releases or other context) including social media text to use for “Support for Male Victims of Domestic Abuse Day” on Thursday  2 November  2023. Please adapt as you see fit.

Example Paragraphs

[Insert your organisation] in partnership with others across the UK is promoting the domestic abuse services they provide to male victims on Thursday 2 November to encourage more men to get in contact – and to encourage others to encourage them too.

This is part of Supporting Male Victims of Domestic Abuse Day 2023, which is a collective and coordinated campaign by similar organisations across the UK.  The campaign which has the slogan #MenYouAreNotAlone has been created and organised by the ManKind Initiative charity.

Social Media Images

Twitter 1 

Twitter 2

Suggested Types of Social Media Text

If you are a male victim of domestic abuse in xxxx, we can help you.  Don’t suffer alone or in silence. We will believe you. Contact us  at xxxxx #MenYouAreNotAlone

Is your partner violent? Do they control you? Do you walk on eggshells around them? Do they stop you seeing friends and family? We can help, please contact us at xxxx #MenYouAreNotAlone

Are you in fear of your partner? Are they constantly checking up on you? Do you have no access to money? Are they constantly belittling  and  humiliating you? We can help, please contact us at xxxx #MenYouAreNotAlone

Just because you are a man, there is no reason why you should you live in fear of your partner? Why you should put up with their violence? Why you should be controlled? Well, we can help, you are not alone, please contact us at xxxx #MenYouAreNotAlone