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domestic abuse

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Directory of Services

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Domestic Homicide Review Library

Domestic Homicide Review Library:

Male Victims of Domestic Abuse

The charity has collected (and is still collecting) Domestic Homicide Reviews involving male victims of domestic abuse.

There is no central library in the UK for Domestic Homicide Reviews. When a local council completes one, they publish it on their website (or claim a reason why not). However, they are rarely publicised or circulated outside the boundaries of the council. This means other organisations, professionals/practitioners and the public are rarely able to learn any lessons and therefore potentially save future lives.  This library is aimed to help fix this. Some of the content will be upsetting.

If you believe there is a Domestic Homicide Review that is missing and you know where it is or have a copy, please email details to 

If you are holding a Domestic Homicide Review featuring a male victim, please feel free to contact our team of experts who will be able to help you. We operate a specialist support service for domestic homicide review panels.

Dr Elizabeth Bates (University of Cumbria) led a research project (Domestic Homicide Reviews )  – Analysis of 22 Domestic Homicide Reviews  which explored the experiences and gender stereotypes surrounding the support male victims of domestic abuse received before they lost their lives. The press release provides a useful summary.

Our thoughts are with those who have lost their lives and the families who have been affected.

Domestic Homicide Reviews (names as listed in the DHRs)

This library was originally published in Spring 2021. Subsequent uploaded DHRs will either be denoted by their publication (if published post Spring 2021 by the council) or if they were published by the council pre-Spring 2021 but were only ‘found’ and uploaded post Spring 2021.

Adult Family Violence

National Guidance on Domestic Homicide Reviews.

Those with dates in brackets were published after summer 2021