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Helping men escape
domestic abuse

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Directory of Services

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Research on Male Victims of Domestic Abuse

There is a range of leading academics, publications and research on male victims of domestic abuse (remember to go to the statistics page for the latest). These are highlighted below and if you know of any more please email

Key Publications

Research Summary Presented at ManKind Initiative Annual Conference 2021 by Dr Elizabeth Bates

Media Coverage of Male Victims of Domestic Abuse (2007 to 06 June 2024)

Intimate Partner Violence: New Perspectives in Research and Practice (Elizabeth A. Bates, Julie C. Taylor)

Break the Silence: a support guide for male victims of domestic abuse (Lee Marks)

Springer Hub: Partner Abuse (Journal/Directory) and Overview plus  Partner Abuse Summary of 70+ Studies (male victims) (latter link being reviewed)

Help-seeking by male victims of domestic violence and abuse (DVA): a systematic review and qualitative evidence synthesis.

The Domestic Abuse Training Needs of Local Magistrates (Executive Summary and Full Report)  –  shows the difference in how local magistrates assess risk and harm of domestic abuse on men and women – in the same scenarios.

Key UK Academics

(1) Dr Elizabeth Bates, Principal Lecturer in Psychology and Psychological Therapies, University of Cumbria.

(see website for more information and publications)

(2) Professor Nicola Graham-Kevan, Professor of Criminal Justice Psychology, University of Central Lancashire

(3) Dr Ben Hine, Senior Lecturer in Psychology, University of West London

(see website for more information and publications)

(4) Dr Siobhan Weare, Lecturer, Lancaster University

(5) Dr Mohammad Mazher  “Maz” Idriss

(5) Natalie Quinn-Walker


Other UK Research


Key International Research

(1) Dr Denise Hines, Research Associate Professor, Clark University

(see website for more information and publications)

Other (you may need an EBSCO account to access)


Male Victims of Domestic Violence (Donald G. Dutton, Katherine R. White)


Help seeking experiences of survivors of intimate partner violence in Canada: The role of gender, violence severity, and social belonging. (Barrett, B. J., Peirone, A., & Cheung, C. H)


Men’s Experiences of Violence in Intimate Relationships (Lien, Marianne Inéz, Lorentzen, Jørgen)


Associations Between Intimate Partner Violence Victimization and Employment Outcomes Among Male and Female Post-9/11 Veterans (Rachel M. Maskin, VA Boston Healthcare System, Katherine M. Iverson, Dawne Vogt, and Brian N. Smith

I’m Strong for Her’ versus ‘I Rely on Him’: male and female victims’ reasons for staying reflect sex-gender conflations  (Jessica J. Eckstein)

Perceptions of harm, criminality, and law enforcement response: Comparing violence by men against women and violence by women against men. (Allen, E., & Bradley, M. S)

Women as active agents: Female perpetrators of sexual harassment and domestic abuse (Douglass, M. D., D’Aguanno, S., & Jones, S)


Dissertations and Posters

The charity is not responsible for the content of these dissertations and they are the views of the authors.

Grace Gudgeon: Are Male Victims Forgotten About in a System Originally Designed for Women?

Adrian Wilk: Male victims of domestic abuse seeking help

Toni Holt: A Critical Exploration of Why Men Are Failing to Report Domestic Abuse

Natasha Summers: Poster 1

Abby James: Examining Issues Surrounding Public Attitudes and Awareness in Relation to Domestic Violence Against Males

Michelle Wells: It’s deemed unmanly’: men’s experiences of intimate partner violence (IPV)

Marie Hunter: Female Perpetrated Domestic Abuse

Laura Geall: The Underepresentation of male victims

Khawaja Akbar: Law and the Male Victim of Domestic Violence (Khawaja Akbar)

Lydia Stoneman: The Current Social Issue of Stigmatisation towards Male Victims of Intimate Partner

Zoe Garratt: Domestic Violence Against Men – Is it a Forgotten Crime?

Dr Simon Josolyne: Men’s experiences of violence and abuse from a female intimate partner:

Katie Lambert: Broken Men Break The Silence

Christopher Stephenson: Fathers’ Experiences of Domestic Violence

Suzanne Baines: Criminal Justice Response to Male Victims

Mark Brooks: The Seven Challenges Male Victims Face