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Helping men escape
domestic abuse

Directory of Services

Helpline 01823 334 244

Directory of Services

Helpline 01823 334 244


We welcome feedback on the support we provide, and a number of men and others have done so. Here are some of the comments we have had:

Very helpful – I will report back to my family. I really appreciate your time.” Sister on behalf of male victim, London

“You guys were my saviour and stopped me going around the bend. I hope there will always be someone at the end of a telephone line to help abused men.” Male Victim, Scotland

“I bow my head to you … if there’s anything I can do [to help]” Male victim, Birmingham

“I wish I’d called you earlier, so reassuring … what a blessing.”  Male victim, North London

“This has been invaluable. I’m going to get cracking on the stuff you’ve given me”  Male victim, Herefordshire

“You are incredible, amazing. I have trust in you – you’re doing it very naurally. You are talking the same language.” Mother on behalf of a male victim, Norfolk

“You’re the only one I can really talk to. You’re my hero”  Male victim, Devon

“I know a lot more since talking to you” Male victim, Cheshire

“I really thank you for your help. All this stuff is so valuable”  Son calling on behalf of male victim, Central London

“I would just like to say how much I value your site as a resource for male survivors.”  NHS Worker

Testimonials on our training

In 2019, the police forces we trained rated our course as either Excellent
(70%) or Good (30%).

Feedback from professionals (2019):

  • “The day was very insightful. The content, I believe, made us all take a step back and think how we respond to male victims. Very informative and
    helpful” Police Officer
  • “Fantastic, brilliant training and should be provided to all.” Army Welfare Officer
  • “Great insight into the impact of domestic abuse on a male and how this
    can be magnified by the perception of men in society and how professional
    experience bias has an impact.” Local Council Officer